What is there to negotiate with Apartheid beside the surrender for democratic rule?

December 12, 2013

by Teshome Debalke

In the days of mourning Mandela’s passing with all his accomplishments in life one thing stands out than any. He firmly stood for and made a profound mark in history by delivering the unconditional surrender of the savage white minority Apartheid regime. He said, never again…

The modern Woyane Apartheid tyranny showing its ugly face

At about the same time Mandela teardown the Apartheid regime to become the first democratically elected leader of South Africa, Woyane was erecting Apartheid with speed of light in collaboration with a collection of ethnic warlords it assembled to segregate and robe Ethiopians.

To make matter worst, when Mandela, the icon of freedom and democracy was elected by 64.4% the popular vote in his first and only election, Woyane, the guru of treachery, division and corruption that brought shame and Apartheid to our nation got a whopping 99 plus percent vote in all the four [s] election.

For that reason alone, Mandela refused to do anything with the minority Apartheid regime ruling Ethiopia. He must have felt; Woyane that brought shame to a nation he hold dear and feel proud to be a citizen of Ethiopia – reduced to everything he fought against his entire life to abolish.

The fact the modern Woyane Apartheid tyranny showing its ugly face everyday in the shadow of Mandela’s legacy should have been sufficient reason for collection of Woyane stooges or anyone elese to say no to Apartheid and stand tall to be counted in front of the world. Instead, their wicked soul made them do unimaginable things to run wild; biting everyone that tells them to abandon Apartheid and surrender for democratic rule.

Apparently, it was reported the dishonorable Apartheid Prime Minster was on the list of international leaders to attend Madibas’s funeral. No one knows why an Apartheid leader attends the funeral of an anti Apartheid icon beside to insult the man and the people of South Africa. But again, noting is impossible in a make-believe world of Woyane where everything is for sale.

The recent news the rogue regime sent a message to negotiate with Ginbot Seven Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy is one of ‘anything is possible’ in Woyane camp and shouldn’t surprise anyone. Like its South Africa counterpart, the Woyane Apartheid regime’s call to negotiate with Ethiopian’s movement is a village boys’ maneuver to buy time to extend the life of self-declare minority Apartheid rule. As bizarre as it sounds — coming from a regime that accused, convicted and sentenced to death the same movement’s leaders on terrorism charge, not to mention the recent plot to assassinate G7 leaders is a photo copy of the work of the long disgraced Apartheid regime of South Africa.

For over two decades, TPLF led ethnic Apartheid regime truly underestimate the patience and tolerance of the people of Ethiopia.  The plea to peacefully surrender power to democratic rule was ignored repeatedly at cost of many lives and resources on the hand of TPLF’s assassins.  It appears the Apartheid warlords haven’t learned a lesson from South Africa to abandon the dived-terrorize-divert stunt to play Ethiopians allover again.

The erratic behavior of the Woyane regime and its apologist’s divide-terrorize-divert cat and mouse game remain the only tool to sustain Woyane rule. The barrage of propaganda and diversion in the form of news, commentary and opinion with multiple identities became the daily diet of Woyane stooges – refusing to abandon Apartheid. No wonder they are confused to tell what they did from one moment to another.

Take for instant the ‘opinion’ piece that came out of nowhere on Aljazeera website titled ‘Ethiopia and Eritrea: Brothers at war no more’. It was written by Goitom Gebreluel, ‘a former lecturer in foreign police at Mekele University and advisor of the International Law and Policy Institute of Norway and Kjetil Tronvoll, a Senior Partner at the same Institute and a professor of peace and conflict studies at Bjorknes College’, according to Aljazeera.

Call it opinion/propaganda/diversion, it reflects the delusional nature of TPLF’s stooges — desperate enough to search for brotherhood in ‘foreign places’ while making enemies in a country they at the moment call their own or vise versa.

One also can’t help but wonder what kind of foreign policy Goitom teaches in Mekele University and what worthy advice he can offer the International Law and Policy Institute of Norway? For that matter, what does foreign policy means in tyranny ruled nation like Ethiopia besides what the tyrant order? Do these clowns honestly believe the cut-and- paste ‘foreign policy’ that suite the Apartheid regime can be thought in the university?

Whatever the rambling opinion may say, we have to admire the dedication of Woyane stooges in general. In fact, the opinion/diversion… says more about the Norwegian International Law and Policy Institute and the Professor of peace and conflict study coned in seeking advice from TPLF’s clown.

Goitom’s opinion with some truth mixed with mostly rubbish is repackaged in TPLF box and rapped with the Professor’s credential and deliver on international Media suppose to make it worthy. Strangely, the opinion that don’t see, don’t hear… evil of the Apartheid regime led by TPLF is typical ‘domestic’ policy of Woyane. But, ‘opinion’ in search of brotherhood with ‘foreigners’ by crossing unmarked boundaries and falsifying historical facts and figures in the wonderland of tyranny warzone doesn’t require expert in foreign policy but warmongering with external enemy to divert domestic problem. Take for instant this convenient insert in the opinion piece;

“The main concern for policy-makers in Addis Ababa is no longer Asmara’s military capacity, but rather the possibility of Eritrea plunging into chaos. This fear is apparently so daunting to Ethiopia that it may prefer a reformed Eritrean government led by People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), rather than the insecurities of a violent power transition next door.”

It goes on;

At the heart of the stalemate are symbolic politics and domestic constraints on both sides – of which the contested border town of Bademe is an embodiment. 

It is very possible that the EPRDF will hand over the symbolic town of Bademe to Eritrea – which was awarded to the latter by the EEBC – but it can only get away with such a move domestically by selling it as a necessary sacrifice for a comprehensive and durable peace. The fact that the individuals leading the current Ethiopian government did not take part in the decision-making processes of the border war and subsequent peace agreement, means that they are less constrained by the commitments of their predecessors.

The sweet talk of ‘the main concern of policy makers in Addis Ababa’ (as if there is a policy making body but TPLF) and ‘the possibility of Eritrea plunging into chaos’ (as if the chaos is the concern of TPLF) and goes on to say Woyane (policy makers) will go as far as sacrificingBademe (as if Bademe is the cause of conflict) to bring about brotherhood, ‘durable peace’ and stability in Eritrea so that the chaos doesn’t spill in stable Ethiopia. (As if Ethiopia is stable and the two tyrannies making up will bring comprehensive and durable peace)

It seems TPLF’s stooges have selective amnesia as Ethiopians and as they had as non Ethiopians.  Regardless, reading the bizarre opinion should remind Ethiopians to expect more wacky behavior to come from TPLF’s Apartheid camp in a desperate attempt to prevent the demise of Woyane.

What is even funnier is when an opinion is written by two drastically different people, one from what looks like from the future policy adviser of the ‘Republic of Tigray’ and the other from the citizen of the Democratic nation of Norway. The convenient marriage of the two should remind us our people saying ‘የቸገረው እርጉዝ ያገባል’. Before we know it, TPLF stooges would be the leading expert in foreign policy and peace making between Ethiopians and Eritreans and the region.

Few years ago, TPLF led ethnic Apartheid regime of Ethiopia labeled every leader of political movement, civic and religious group and Media personality terrorists or associates. And, Eritrea became terrorist sponsoring state.  All of a sudden the Apartheid regime is looking for negotiation and brotherhood with ‘a terrorist group and state’ what went wrong?

Come to think of it, the self-declared minority Apartheid regime has no choice why it behaves the way it does. The demand to surrender for democratic rule means the end of Woyane ethnic tyranny. As expected, it would do anything to preserve something that doesn’t belong to it.

As early as few month ago the Wolyata warlord/Prime Minster that supposedly replaced the mastermind of  Apartheid and the late Tigray ethnic warlord/Prime Minster was uttering the same old terrorist insult on the same patriotic Ethiopians while TPLF goons intensify harassing, jailing and torturing innocent Ethiopians.

The lawless Apartheid regime’s warlords don’t seem to comprehend the enormity of the crimes they committed against the people of Ethiopia. They think the problem is going to go away by public relation stunt they concoct and spin on the dozen of propaganda machine they control and bankrolled with stolen money –feeding the world rubbish.

The regime apologists don’t also seem to understand Ethiopians’ tolerance of their indiscretion either. They are babysitting a criminal ethnic Apartheid regime against the will and interest of their own people. They also think their conspiracy to divert the crimes is going to help them escape accountability.

By now, it is clear for one-and-all the callousness of the warlords wouldn’t allow the message to get in their head. Likewise, the stupidity of the apologists — horded as herd of cattle couldn’t allow them to open their eyes and ears to see and hear the gathering danger of sleeping with ethnic Apartheid tyranny.

At this juncture of the struggle, Ethiopians must speak in one voice and make it abundantly clear TPLF led ethnic Apartheid regime’s rule must end now without delay. People must realize the regime’s crime isn’t isolated incidence of a typical tyranny we are used to in Africa but a well orchestrated conspiracy against the people of Ethiopia and the nation.

If the regime’s apologist wants a quick resolution to the havoc their conspiracy caused for their own sake they should abandon the Apartheid regime while they can. The last thing they should do is stick with the regime and run around the globe searching for diversion in an attempt to sustain a modern day Apartheid.


The ethnic elites that have been negotiating the people’s rights with the Apartheid regime or with each other must also take responsibility. They can no longer experiment their off the wall adventure on expenses of the people without personal consequences for their actions.

As to the rest of Ethiopians, there is a historical lesson everyone should learn out of the crimes of the ethnic Apartheid regime.  That is, silence or looking the other way on the impunity of a rogue regime costs lives and compromise the wellbeing of the people and the nation. We have to realize, no matter what our wish may be; there is no negotiation on the democratic rights of our people, no matter what.

Therefore, Ethiopians must collectively say no bargaining on the lives and wellbeing of our people in the name of one thing or another. Simply put, and paraphrasing what Ginbot Seven responded to Woyane, there is noting to negotiate with anyone let alone the ethnic Apartheid regime besides the unconditional surrender for democratic rule.

Thus, no matter how we like or dislike the massager, the message of Ginbot Seven to the ethnic Apartheid regime should be the message of every living and breathing Ethiopian organization.

Blaming Woyane or anyone else is not enough

The infighting on none issue among the oppositions must be stopped on its track by popular demand to speed up democratization and the surrender of Apartheid tyranny for good. Every political party, civic organization and Media must be confronted to clean house to that end.

We have to understand; there are no many formulas to institute democratic rule but one. There are no multiple rights and freedom but, one-for-all. There are no selective victims of Apartheid but one; the people of Ethiopia. There are no different rule of laws that suites multiple parties but one democratic rule for all.

Then what is the fuss about besides the elites fantasizing their wishes when our people suffer on the hand of the crude ethnic Apartheid tyranny – in poverty, disease and into slavery.

The time has come for Ethiopians to take charge of the struggle and demands all political parties to shape up or ship out. At the end of the day, if and when politician bell out, Ethiopians are the one picking up the pieces themselves – as we are witnessing when our people suffer in the hands of a medieval Arab tyranny abroad and an ethnic Apartheidtyranny at home.

Let one-and-all know there is no way out of the stalemate until the Apartheid regime surrender for democratic rule. Anyone in the way should be considered public enemy. The rest of the side shows we see is coming from expected places.

Finally, when we celebrate the life and legacy of the honorable Mandela, unfortunately, we are living under Woyane Apartheid — playing cat-and-mouse on the expense of our people.  If we truly want to bring down the modern day Woyane Apartheid regime and make history we have to reject it in its entirety and not simply react to its inevitable crimes. We should know better, there is noting to be modified about Apartheid but, scraped from its roots. But, it requires principled stand on democratic rule on behalf of the people. Our failure to collectively stand for democratic rule kept us victims of tyranny and Apartheid. What a shame.

As to the stooges of the Woyane Apartheid regime, they should be advised; noting they say or do worth a penny, noting. We have to remind them again-and- again and everywhere they show up to promote the ugly face of Apartheid until surrender for the unavoidable democratic rule.

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