Ethiopianism TV Producer has got it Wrong !!! -Tedla Asfaw

I watched the “Ethiopianism TV” posted here.

Professor Mussie the ” Ethiopianism TV ” producer was very angry and agitated of the ESAT interview of Isayas Afewrokiof Eritrea. The professor should have dissected the interview with facts. He should have rather compared and contrasted the “Eritrean Constitution” with “Woyane Constitution” the core of the interview.The “Eritrean Constitution” does not divide Eritreans into “Kilil” like the Woyane Constitution. There is no Article 39 in the “Eritrean Constitution”. The professor failed to do that.
I found the professor in the same camp with the diaspora Oromo groups, OLF/OPDO, who claimed being colonized by Ethiopia/Habeshas who lashed out also against Isayas following the clip of the interview few weeks ago. OLF/OPDOendorsed the “Woyane Constitution” and their problem with Woyane is on controlling/liberating their Kilil. The diaspora Oromo Media Network recent partying in Minnesota is a good indicator of the relationship of the so calledOromo opposition with the OPDO/Woyane Boss Aba Dula.
ESAT Ignoring of the human rights violations in Eritrea which the whole world knows and the professor also raised was wrong. However, the core of the interview was Article 39 and Kililization of Ethiopia. Isayas Afeworki publicly said for the Ethiopian people on the record that he never endorsed the Ethiopian Constitution of divide and rule. No wonder theOLF/OPDO are crying foul on social medias and Professor Mussie joined this camp by default.
The interview has not yet been concluded. ESAT might raise the issue of human rights violation both in Eritrea and Ethiopia in the next part of the interview. Ethiopians and Eritreans are reacting to the first part of the interview thanks to the Interview. For that ESAT journalists should be thanked for starting this conversation. That is the job of a journalist.

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