Afar People`s Party (APP) has taken a disciplinary measure on its chairman

March 20, 2015

The Executive Committee (EC) of Afar People’s Party (APP) announces that it has discharged the chairman of the Party Mr Allo Aydahis Mohamed and Colonel Mohamed Ahmed Ali aka As Mohamed from all responsibilities. Both individuals have been warned during the EC meeting on Dec 27, 2014 for treacherous conducts that undermine the core values of the Party. Despite the warning, these two individuals continued to be treasonous and disloyal to the governing principles of our Party.Afar People’s Party (APP) consistently and persistently condemns the killing of innocent tourists.

Mr Allo Aydahis Mohamed and Colonel Mohamed Ahmed Ali have lost the trust, the moral and legal ground for being part of our organization. Consequently, in a meeting held on 17th of March 2015, these two individuals have been suspended from representing the Afar People’s Party in any occasion.

Dr Kontie Moussa has been elected as a new chairman of the APP, therewith replacing Mr Allo Aydahis. The new leadership would like to reassure all our members, partners, supporters and sympathizers that our Party is intact and our struggle for freedom and democracy will continue with renewed vigour and determination.

The Executive Committee
Afar People’s Party

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